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  • Policies and Procedures


    1. Pet Appointments

    MacDonald Veterinary Services operates by appointment for sick visits, wellness visits, and routine surgeries (spay, castration, dentals, etc.).

    Pets should be restrained by a leash or carrier upon arrival. A loose pet is a danger to themselves and others.

    If you must cancel an appointment we ask for 24 hours notice. For surgical appointments we ask for a 48 hours cancellation notice. (These appointments are very costly if they are cancelled at the last minute.) A late cancellation fee may be applied to your account for last minute cancellations.

    For new puppy and kitten visits we ask that you bring with you any paperwork relating to vaccine history as well as current health issues. We also ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so we can review your records and have you seen in a timely manner.

    1. Forms of Payment


      We take cash or credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express). We accept personal checks but we do run them through a check processing machine (therefore acting as a debit card). We also offer CARECREDIT financing for those times when emergencies arise and you are financially unprepared. We also accept Trupanion. Finally we offer our wellness plans for your pets. This allows you to pay over the course of the year instead of one large lump sum. Different plans are available to suit you and your animal's needs.


    2. Vaccine Reminders


      As a courtesy to our clients we mail vaccine reminders to your home, send e-mails and/or call you at the phone number you provide. We use a service from DemandForce which is an informative pet health program. 


    3. Medication Policy


      We have an onsite pharmacy for dispensing medication for your pets as prescribed by our veterinary staff. We do not offer refunds for any medications after they have been dispensed. When you need refills on medications we ask that you call the office ahead of time and give 24 hours notice if possible.



    4. Discount Certificates


      We are happy to accept the spay/neuter assistant (Plan B only) available from the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food with their Animal Population Control Program. These certificates allow those who qualify financially to receive discounts for routine spays and neuters. For further information you can visit their website


    5. Phone Call Policy


      Messages left for your veterinary staff will be returned within 24 hours. If your call is of an emergent nature regarding your pet, our staff will call you back as soon as possible. Please be specific with the receptionist when leaving messages. Phone calls are prioritized according to their urgency. Because we are such a busy practice and we take great care in providing clients with phone support, we may be returning phone calls early in the morning. If you have specific time constraints regarding your availability we ask that you give this information to the receptionist. We will try to accommodate these restrictions as best as possible.


      Upon Your Arrival


      If this is your pet’s first visit we will ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to get all of the new client information sorted. If you are a returning client you will be asked for an updated address and phone number or confirm the ones you have in the database. The receptionist will go over what the visit is for (what the problem is or what vaccinations are due) and, if you have a dog, they will get a weight on him/her.


      Once the doctor is ready to see you, a technician will come out to escort you to an exam room where you will be greeted by the doctor. The doctor will then perform a full physical exam on your pet. A technician will restrain your pet at this time. The doctor will then make recommendations regarding diagnosis, treatment and further testing if necessary. You will be provided an estimate for any extensive services that are recommended. If your pet is to be admitted they will go over procedures and protocols at that time.

  • Client Handouts

    One of our doctors, Dr. Richard Montminy, has written some handouts to help owners with common issues they may be facing with their pets. He covers topics from general puppy hood information to spleen masses and chronic kidney disease. Please check out all of these handouts and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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  • Newsletters

    Our newsletter, the Pet Gazette, is a way for our doctors and staff to keep our clients up to date on helpful seasonal information about there pets. 

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